Edda’s Story

My name is Edda. The first time I shared my story, I felt as if I was walking down the main street in my home town – naked! But I didn’t let the fear or shame stop me from sharing my story because I knew deep in my heart that my story could resonate with YOU. I did it in the hopes of helping YOU find your courage to come to terms with your story, so that you can become empowered to grow. So read on…

I had been working as a freelance expert for around a decade. I worked as a radio producer and host and had been making a name for myself as a human rights expert for international organisations. I worked a lot, but lived month by month. Whenever I had well paying projects, I would spend more. I didn’t have any systems in place to keep my money.

So when the banking system in my country of origin, Iceland, collapsed in the fall of 2008, I felt as if the world had been turned up side down. My housing mortgage grew by the day with the inflation. Everything was going up, except the payments that I was getting for the, at the time unstable, freelance jobs. I felt like I was stuck on a money rollercoaster, where I sometimes had money but most of time I had little or nothing. I said to myself every day: “Edda, this is not what your life is supposed to be like.”

The following summer was a scary time for me and my husband. He was also a freelancer at the time. We had a three year old son to support, but had little to no income. I ended up selling most of our stuff online, just so we could feed the family.

I was overly stressed to the point of desperation. There was a period where I couldn’t see the way out. The stress was effecting my relationship with my husband and I felt isolated.

We sold our apartment and moved into a cheap rental where we couldn’t sleep in the weekends because of noise from neighborhood bars. I knew I was in over my head and that something had to change. I knew that if I would continue down that path, nothing would change and I would continue to struggle. I didn’t want my son to grow up poor and with unhappy and perhaps divorced parents. I wanted more out of life. I wanted to be financially free and I wanted security and peace of mind.

Reaching the Turning Point

That is when I made one of the wisest decisions in my life. I said to myself: “Edda, it is time for you to invest in yourself.” Even if I didn’t have the means to do it and I had thoughts about being selfish to decide to invest in myself during these difficult times. But here is what I had to believe: Investing in myself and choosing to take action towards a better future, was the best thing I could do for myself and for my family. Both financially and as a person who really yearned for a better life.

I really had to prioritise with the little money I had. But I found ways to invest in a coaching program. And I invested time to complete that coaching program. Things started to shift because of my willingness to invest in myself and my dedication to change.

We moved from Iceland to Norway and soon after we had settled in the new environment, I became aware of the fact that even if a lot had changed, my limiting money beliefs continued to prevent me from becoming financially free.

In this place of vulnerability I became aware of the fact that what was showing up in my life was the outcome of the actions I had taken – or not taken- because I had been holding on to limiting beliefs that were not serving me. I had been a prisoner of my own mindset.

Edda’s Five Step System

Being in the coaching program, led to me to see myself and my circumstances in a new way. I discovered five steps to becoming the empowered financial leader in your life. By applying this formula step by step and starting to live my life in a new and improved way, I felt a paradigm shift. I started to see how my mindset, affects my actions and how that effects the outcome in every area of my life. I became more empowered with each day.

I completed the coaching program and made a promise that I would continue to invest in myself. I recently invested close to 10.000$ in a high level coaching program so that I can continue to grow beyond my own limitations, take inspired action and get the results that I want.

My Relationship With Money is Transformed

I created a company and began to share my Five Step System with women business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to grow their business in a responsible and sustainable way. Many of my private clients are also expanding their business into new territory. I help them transform their relationship with money and grow as leaders so that their companies can grow as a result of that.

I have allowed myself to become the financially empowered leader in my life! I now have a beautiful home and I enjoy my life. I am committed to continuing to grow as a person. My income has excelled and I have more free time to enjoy with my family. I don’t get overly stressed about money anymore – and that to me is priceless!

My Clients Successes

It’s not only my life that has benefitted, it is also the lives of my clients. Let me tell you about a couple of them and their successes:

I worked with a client who’s biggest challenge was that she didn’t identify with being the financial leader in her life and in her business. That resulted in her avoidance and self sabotage when it came to everything money related. As I started taking her through my “Become The Empowered Financial Leader in Your Life” private coaching program, she got to know her money DNA, learned to face her fears and to overcome her limiting money beliefs. She has grown immensely as an individual and now identifies with being a business leader. As a result she has been able to branch out her company and create new and exciting opportunities for growth. She now has a growing six figure business.

Another client of mine is an entrepreneur who had a strong desire to expand her company into new territories. She had been struggling to get funding for a while when we started working together. I helped her develop a solid financial strategy and identify her priorities so that she could get into action to realise that dream. She is now making empowered decisions as her company grows every day.

This is My Vision for YOU:

  • That you claim the courage to become the greatest version of yourself.
  • That you will connect actively with the sphere of possibility and experience that anything is indeed possible.
  • That you will allow your intuition and creativity to be at the center of your everyday life.
  • That you will choose to do what makes you happy.
  • That you will not only dare to dream – but have the courage to get into action to realise your dreams.
  • That you will continue to grow and develop.

I desire all of this for you because I know that empowered women make great leaders!

I want to see you become the change you wish to see in the world.

I want that for YOU because it is the best thing that ever happened to me!

Additional Information on Edda

Edda Jonsdottir is a Certified Professional Coach from the International Coach Academy in Australia. She has completed several additional coaching certificates on the topic of money and limiting beliefs. 

Edda coaches leaders from around the world. Some of her clients are business leaders and others are entrepreneurs. She works directly with individuals as well as coaching business leaders within companies.

Edda’s coaching methods are designed to bring paradigm shift and take leaders and entrepreneurs to uncharted territories, by getting rid of limiting beliefs that stand in the way of their growth.

Edda has a diverse background prior to becoming a coach. She has worked as a human rights specialist and adviser to governmental and international organizations. Furthermore she was a research journalist at the Icelandic National Radio for seven years, where she covered human rights issues and international affairs.

Edda has a M.A. degree in responsible management from Steinbeis University, Berlin, Germany. Additionally she has a graduate degree in human rights from the University of Bologna in Italy and a B.A. degree in Italian (language, literature and culture) and Media and Communication Studies from the University of Iceland.

Her mission is to empower leaders to take responsibility and become great leaders that can inspire others. One of her past projects was writing a book, based on interviews with women ministers in the Icelandic government. The scope of the book was to create a platform for women to share their leadership stories for others to learn from.

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