Work With Edda

Empowerment of women is at the core of EddaCoaching. Edda strongly believes in empowering women financially so they can be truly free to manifest the life they envision. Because empowered women make great leaders.

Money DNA Online Intensive

The Money DNA workshop is for you if you want to resolve your inner conflict around money and discover a way to become an empowered financial in your life and in your business.

Private Leadership Coaching

Edda offers high level private leadership coaching to exclusive clients. Edda’s coaching methods are designed to bring paradigm shift and take leaders and entrepreneurs to uncharted territories, by getting rid of limiting beliefs that stand in the way of their growth.

Success Stories

Creating success in your life is not always easy. It requires you to really accept responsibility for yourself. It also requires you to be ready to let go off limiting beliefs and behaviours. The fact is you need both courage and determination to do that. You also need a simple system to follow.