I first came to Edda to explore my relationship with money. Discovering my money DNA was a breakthrough for me as a business leader. It has also proved extensively valueable to understand how to collaborate more effectively with my business partner, who is also my husband. The money DNA approach helped us embrace each others strengths when it comes to money and leadership. It also gave us the tools to accept each others challenges without being frustrated. We now run what we like to describe as a fun and lively business that is growing by the day.

I now make decisions based on my core values and I have discovered a way to approach life in a more balanced and enjoyable way. I also have a clear vision for my company and I know I can always count on Edda to support me along the way. I look forward to continuing to work with Edda who has a unique presence.

Kristin Einarsdottir, founder and CEO of Play to Learn More