Success Stories

Creating success in your life is not always easy. It requires you to really accept responsibility for yourself. It also requires you to be ready to let go off limiting beliefs and behaviours. The fact is you need both courage and determination to do that. You also need a simple system to follow. Having a leadership coach by your side as you embark on this journey, can make things much easier and enjoyable for you.

I have had the privilege to work with amazing clients. People I have seen grow taller and breakthrough to become the leaders they were destined to become. Many of those leaders remain my clients and I continue to support them on their leadership journey. For that I am deeply grateful!

My clients have had great success and I am extremely proud of their courage and determination. Here are some of their leadership success stories:

“The private leadership coaching with Edda has completely changed my approach to work and how I see myself as a leader. Overall I find myself more balanced and more focused on what really matters.

I have learned to trust my intuition when it comes to opportunities. I am more action oriented and I find that I prioritize more effectively.

Through developing my leadership skills I now outsource differently and have gained a new perspective on how to best support my staff.

The same applies to my personal life where I have gained the courage to cope with challenging tasks in a positive way. I listen to my heart and follow my conviction.”

Asta Olafsdottir, Managing Director of Nine Worlds

“I host workshops for different groups and that requires me to sustain my self growth, recharge my batteries and reload my toolbox on regular basis.

I had a mindset breakthrough when it comes to pricing my services, during my VIP day with Edda.

The work we did together prooved to be a very useful boost which empowered me to move forward and to create new ways to generate income.”

Sirry Arnardottir, Media Person, Public Speaker and Author.

“The biggest change that has occurred since I started working with Edda is that I find it easier to organise my projects. I have a system for everything and I have more drive to follow through.

Furthermore, here has been a fundamental mindset shift in terms of money. Both when it comes to making money and keeping more of what I make. My identity has been transformed. I know what I want and I dare to implement what is needed to make that become my reality.”

Sigridur Elva Vilhjalmsdottir, Media Producer and Airplane Pilot

“I first came to Edda to explore my relationship with money. Discovering my money DNA was a breakthrough for me as a business leader. It has also proved extensively valueable to understand how to collaborate more effectively with my business partner, who is also my husband. The money DNA approach helped us embrace each others strengths when it comes to money and leadership. It also gave us the tools to accept each others challenges without being frustrated. We now run what we like to describe as a fun and lively business that is growing by the day.

I now make decisions based on my core values and I have discovered a way to approach life in a more balanced and enjoyable way. I also have a clear vision for my company and I know I can always count on Edda to support me along the way. I look forward to continuing to work with Edda who has a unique presence.”

Kristin Einarsdottir, founder and CEO of Play to Learn More

“I am really grateful for all that I learned in my private coaching with Edda. My life has been changing continuously – so much for the better!

The most important of my lessons has been in becoming the financial leader of my life and letting go of the belief that earning too much money is not a good thing. I now have a rich feeling of abundance that is constantly reiterated by the universe. More and more I am living the life of my vision board.

I feel very blessed and remember Edda with gratitude and love for putting me on this path. Every morning I get out of bed and step into my power.”

Dr. Anvita Arora, Managing Director and CEO, Innovative Transport Solutions (iTrans)