Money DNA Online Intensive

Did you know it is rarely a lack of initiative or idleness that prevents us from reaching our goals? No – it is our relationship with money.

But Why Is That?

It is because money is at the core of every decision we make in our lives and in our business or career.


Money Challenges

Do you find yourself in any of these circumstances?

  • You are earning well but you never manage to save like you would like to. You experience a sense of wellbeing when you spend money.
  • Or you work a lot but your income does not grow accordingly. You sometimes feel as if your heart and wellbeing are at stake and you tend to prioritise other peoples needs before your own needs.
  • Or you think that money shouldn’t really matter, but continue to worry about money nonetheless.
  • Or you feel that despite how much you have earned and managed to save – you don’t trust that money will be there for you when you need them.
  • Or you feel disempowered in conversations around money – whether you are speaking with a family member, a client or a bank clerk. Security and empowerment are not related to money in your realm.

You are not alone in these circumstances.

Experience a Paradigm Shift

Whether you are a business owner or a leader working for someone else – I invite you to join me for a one day online intensive called – Discover Your Money DNA.

This Workshop Is For You If You:

  • Desire to learn how you can face financial challenges in your own life and the ones that show up at work.
  • You have had enough of your inner struggles around money.
  • You want to transform your relationship with money.
  • You want to learn how you can use your intuition to reach your financial goals.


Does This Really Work?

But how can I state that your relationship with money is going to be transformed?

I can because I have experienced being where you are now. I thought that I had tried everything there is to try to change my relationship with money.

The transformation I had yearned for, occurred when I discovered my money DNA. I learned that everyone can meet their financial goals – but the ways to do that depend on your unique money DNA.

“Money Is a Delicate Subject…”

Research has shown that many people find the idea of talking about intimacy less intimidating then talking about money. This is especially true in smaller communities.

This is why I only host my Discover Your Money DNA online intensive with a small group of people (max 12 people). Everyone agrees to confidentality!

What To Expect

Discovering your unique money DNA will give you a key to connect with your gifts and the potential that is available to you.

You will also: 

  • Find out what you need to stop resisting to uncover a secret source of strength. This will help you in your relationships – both at work and in your personal life.
  • You will get clear on what is stopping you in your business.
  • Find out how you can accelerate your income by tapping into the power of your unique money DNA.
  • Get insight on how to run your business more productively and profitably.
  • Discover new ways to get the best out of your team.


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