Financial Empowerment: Five Tips

Many people resent the idea of anything that has to do with finances. They find it either boring or they resent it because they simply do not know where to start.

I was one of those people for years. Therefore I needed to come up with fun and creative ways to approach my finances when I decided to become the financial leader in my life.

Even though I have become more wise financially, I have to admit that I still find anything that has to do with taxes and bookkeeping rather boring. The good news is that those tasks can easily be outsourced to those who are better equipped to handle them with ease.

As the years go by, finances have become more and more appealing to me. This has to do with my mindset and my approach to finances. I am always seeking new knowledge and new ways of doing things.

Five Tips

If you are among those who want to become financially empowered, here are a few simple tips to get you started on your journey.  

  1. Take time weekly to look at your finances – Not only to pay your bills, but also to make plans.
  2. Reduce your cost – Review your cost regularly. Look into all your regular payments at least two times a year. Ask yourself if you are using everything you subscribe to and/or if you need all of it. Can you switch to a different service provider for a better price? It all counts.
  3. Money free day – Make at least one day a week a money free day. Grab a lunch pack and organize your day so that you don’t have to pull out your wallet. This is a fun experiment that creates awareness of the importance of money in our everyday lives.
  4. Create a “things happen” fund – The fact is, things happen and they cost money. Instead of seeing them as “unexpected costs” you can pay for a car repair and meet other costs with a smile on your face – if you have a “things happen” fund.
  5. Sell the things you are not using – Do you have some clothing or things you are not using? It is both economically and environmentally friendly to give the things you are not using, a chance to a new life with a new owner.

Find more ways to empower yourself financially and remember to allow yourself to approach your finances in a creative way.

Money can be fun!

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